3201 – “Ranger” Desert Camo Inline Hockey Pant


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    The Black Biscuit Ranger Camo Pants are deadly deceptive in looks, feel and performance. Sticking true to tradition, these were constructed with their “pro style” fit that offers a more relaxed fit from top to bottom. The body of the pant is made of a vented pique stretch fabric with stretch lycra gussets; giving players breathability and mobility for elite-level play.

    [h2]The 3201″Ranger” Inline Hockey Pant[/h2]


    • Ventilated Pique Stretch Fabric
      • Lightweight and breathable
    • Mesh Panels
      • Along backside of knee and beneath knee panels
    • Stretch Lycra
      • In crotch gusset and along sides of legs
    • Waist:
      • Adjustable 2-strap system with elastic waistband
    • Knee:
    • Single Knee Panels for a featherlight feel and second to none airflow
    • Graphics:
      • Sublimated Black Biscuit logos


    The 3201 “Ranger” Inline Hockey Pant was Born from the updated classic styling of our Playa pant, this modern version includes all the bells and whistles to make you Look Good, Feel Good, and Play Good. Are you a “RANGER”?

    3201 Ranger Pant Specs and Sizing

    Inline Pant Size Chart inches


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