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CENTURIO Outdoor Hockey Wheel by Prime Hockey


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    About the wheel

    Prime V, was our 5th generation of outdoor PU. We tested intensively and formulated the perfect mix. This

    wheel offers ultimate speed, grip and abrasion It gives you the best of all worlds.

    Centurio Outdoor Wheel Specs

    HUB: 76 & 80mm using off set,  Mushroom core,  100mm using Flex Court, Hub FCH

    Urethane: Prime V Bullet profile, Prime V PU, Made in U.S.A.

    Use: Outdoor

    Price is per wheel

    About    Prime Hockey Wheels
    Roller hockey wheels are designed to have more flex, with an important emphasis on grip being more important versus speed. However, there has to be a balance – if the wheels have too much flex, they can underperform and slow you Prime has a different approach.  Prime will introduce the hockey world to 100mm, and by doing so it will become part of the 3-wheel revolution that is taking the inline skating world by storm. 3-wheels is not only lighter, it also gives the skater the benefit of having one wheel under the center of the foot for increased maneuverability which is essential to hockey. Prime wheels have a SOLID CORE with a new LOOK that provides a 45mm hub face, resulting in less flex over the face of the hub, but more at the edge of the wheel. Our new CPP wheel technology is the major point of difference, as it uses cast soft insert technology to deliver the best roller hockey performance. We also use the best outer urethane available, resulting in an extremely high performance wheel. These combined elements will provide roller hockey players what we feel is “the right-flex” in their skates. A larger hub reduces PU tire weight, but it also reduces PU tire flex, since the sidewall and profile of the wheel is shorter. So next to our special GRIPATHANE Hockey PU material, we are using Mushroom technology on the hub. Like this we are getting “right flex” out of the hub, while the rest of the flex and grip comes from the dimensions and hardness of our CPP inserts. The mix of our urethanes and these new systems give your wheels better flex and a more ideal profile for a hockey wheel. You will get improved flex and energy return from the cast CPP band that works hand in hand with the Mushroom core and the Gripathane PU. We have done many field tests to pick the hardness, diameter and width of the CPP bands to make our new wheels work perfectly. Solid cast super soft inserts are new territory in roller hockey, but the new technology works incredibly.
    Don’t just take our word for it – believe it and test them for yourself!



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    Color / Hardness

    Trans Blue/84a, Trans Yellow/82a

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