Wicked ABEC-5 Freespin 608 Bearings


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  • Description

     (WCD) ABEC-5 Freespin 608 Bearings (set of 16)


    Balls 7 balls, chrome steel

    Shield Rubber 2RZ

    Retainer Nylon

    Lubricant Synthetic oil

    Priced per pack of 16 bearings

     About    WCD Bearings

    Wicked (WCD) hardware is the new standard in which other hardware brands will be measured. WCD offers a complete collection of hardware goods. WCD has got your back to make sure you get there faster and easier. At the center of the brand is the bearing collection. No other collection has been so extensively developed. There are bearings to suit every application, at every performance level, and also for every budget. Right from our class topping Swiss bearings, through to the 50-piece pack ABEC 5 bearings you won’t need to look anywhere else. One of the coolest products in the collection is the tool box packaging. Not only are your bearings inside, but the package doubles as a toolbox to help you make on-the-run repairs or changes. Other brands create a package made to be thrown away, ours is made to be kept, and reused. So beneficial for you, and even better for mother earth.

    Don’t just take our word for it – believe it and test them for yourself!